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Posting Jobs

When an employer needs to fill a position, they can choose from three different ways to post that job on Candex.

  • Posting privately:
    Private postings are not exposed to any suppliers on Candex. When a job is posted privately, an employer must expressly invite their preferred suppliers.
  • Posting to preferred suppliers and Elite members:
    Employers may restrict their jobs to only preferred suppliers and Candex Elite members. Elite members are top performing suppliers from around the world who have been carefully assessed by the recruitment committee of the Candex Board of Directors.
  • Posting to open market:
    Employers may choose to post jobs to all the suppliers on Candex. When a job is posted to open market, then any member can request to work with you on your job, though you must still accept them before they can send you candidates freely.

Each posting type has advantages, and your account manager will help you understand the benefits. For example, when employers choose to work with their preferred suppliers, they would generally post privately, or to restricted members. If they want to open up that job to all members, they may be able to reduce fees or find specialists in niche areas or geographies.

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