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Efficient, scalable and secure, Candex uses a cloud based SaaS system to deliver a reliable on-demand service around the globe.

You can deploy and access Candex without downloading any software to your PC. It’s incredibly easy to use and it works on multiple browsers, including Explorer, Firefox, Chrome and Safari.

Customising Candex is simple too. The system is designed to support large global enterprises. And it has divisional and multilingual capabilities – so you can roll out the solution to employees and suppliers in countries all over the world and customise your reporting requirements to track activity and performance.

A system you can rely on
To meet our clients’ high security standards, Candex uses Secure Socket Layer (SSL) for server authentication and data encryption. So you can be confident your company data is safe, secure and only available to your users.

  • Component redundancy
    Every component in the infrastructure is redundant, with at least two of each hardware component to process the flow and storage of data.
  • Load balancing and server clustering
    There’s load balance at every tier in the infrastructure, from the network to the database servers. Application server clusters are enabled to ensure that server failure won’t interrupt the user experience.
  • Network backup
    Every device in the network has a failover backup to ensure maximum uptime.
  • Data backup and restore
    Full data backups take place daily, along with hourly incremental data backups to ensure failsafe reliability all day, every day.
  • Geographical failover
    Candex operates data centers in multiple territories.
  • Comprehensive disaster recovery plans
    In the unlikely event of catastrophic system failure, full restoration can be completed within 1 hour for minimal downtime.
  • 24x7 monitoring
    Candex servers are located in secure, fully serviced facilities with round the clock monitoring.
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Candex is a cloud based system that requires no downloads and can be deployed globally in days or weeks.
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