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The Basics

Does it cost anything to use Candex?
Candex makes money by taking a small percentage of each successful placement.
Why do I need Candex if I have an Applicant Tracking System (ATS)?
Candex is not an Applicant Tracking System and it does not seek to replace an ATS system. Candex is an extraordinarily powerful and specialized sourcing and vendor management tool for organizations. It can be tailored to work with your ATS system.

General Questions

Can I use Candex with my preferred suppliers?
Absolutely. To maximize effectiveness, we encourage all of our customers to bring their preferred suppliers with them to Candex. It really is the most important part of an implementation.
What are Candex Elite members?
Elite members are talented suppliers that have been granted this status by the Candex Recruitment Board. These members have exhibited outstanding performance, are recognized in the industry and produce results. We think you will like working with them.
I have done business with a client for years and now I am supposed to use Candex? Why?
Employers all over the globe are adopting Candex as a standard way of doing business with their suppliers. For them, Candex is a far more efficient way to manage the recruitment supply chain and hopefully, we can give you access to more clients and make you money. Your success is our success.
How does Candex ensure quality recruitment firms?
Candex screens all recruitment firms on its network for quality, and it gives companies the option to restrict posting to their preferred suppliers or to Elite members.
Can recruitment firms see the employers' contact information?
To ensure privacy and professionalism, names and contact information of employers on Candex are restricted from suppliers until expressly approved.

Payment and Contract Questions

How does the contract or Terms of Use work on Candex?
Candex is governed by one central terms of use policy, which can be adopted in minor ways to suit company needs and geographical idiosyncrasies. Any adaptations need to be expressly approved by suppliers before they are allowed to submit candidates to a job.
What is the guarantee on placements made through Candex?
The standard guarantee on Candex is a 90 day cash back guarantee for fees 20% and higher and 60 days for fees 19% and lower. Fixed fees carry a 60 day guarantee.
Can Candex use the CVs that are sent through the system?
Candex is not a recruiting company and all CVs uploaded and transmitted through the system are the sole and exclusive property of our partners. This is part of our privacy policy.