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Candex is highly configurable to meet the needs of complex organizations
Business Leads
Departments & Divisions


Procurement controls the categories that are available to their users. All invoices and payments are electronic, trackable and reportable. Fields can be customized, payment terms adjusted, MSA’s enforced and preferred partners strictly managed.


Candex supports organizations with complex entity structures. Finance can customize the billing process for each of their entities including approvals, required fields, invoicing methods, or directly integrate into ERP or eProcurement systems.

Line Managers

Line Managers can create teams to gain transparency and accountability with their people - each team shares internal chats and relationship information. Team admins control membership and can view payments from their users.

Departments & Divisions

Executives can elect to see payments by division or department and to receive automated reporting of weekly, monthly or quarterly projects and spend.
Fully Electronic Invoicing
No more supporting vendors to invoice your company properly. 3 way match every time!
Controlled Categories
Candex intelligently maps to your existing spend categories with nothing lost in translation.
Perfect Cost Allocations
Candex invoices your local entities and cost centers to avoid reconciliations, chargebacks and confusion.
Custom Reporting
Get a clear line of sight into your spending with custom reports, that give detail in thousands of ways.
Tax / Audit Simplification
No more 1099 or VAT problems! The simplicity of a single counterparty makes everything happen correctly.
Piggyback Existing Approvals
Candex adapts to your existing approval process so money can’t change hands until you say ‘go.’
Standardized Contracts
Configure MSAs or custom contracts by language, country, category or ad hoc per vendor.
Highly Configurable
Candex can adopt invoicing by entity, country, category, PO policy and more.
Implementing Candex is easy. It lets us make purchases with the speed of a pcard and the benefits of an invoice.
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