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A solution that looks after itself

Candex is a network that doesn’t need to be administered or managed. It expands naturally and doesn’t require any formal implementation or training.
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The basics

Everything about Candex is easy. All you need to do is post briefcases, invite participants and send messages and files. Everything else just sort of happens. People love it.

It takes less than 30 seconds to set up on Candex. There are no restrictions on who can join and no hidden fees.
The three principal actions (send message, add briefcase, connect to colleague) can be accessed from buttons on the top of every page. And a simple design means almost anywhere on Candex can be reached with only one click.
With the enterprise version, you can add your company logo and colors to align with your corporate branding. Here’s how some of our customers have branded Candex.

Advanced Candex

Candex meets the needs of even the largest and most complex organisations. And because it’s a communication tool and not a system of record, no integrations are necessary to get full effect - it won't step on anyone's toes.

Candex comes pre-loaded with customizable departments and purchasing categories. You can add divisions and revenue categories to make sure that information is organised exactly how you want it.
In the upgraded version, use permissions to give executives and support departments immediate access to shared briefings without the need to connect to colleagues. Permissions can be granted in thousands of ways.
For procurement of goods and service, Candex lets you manage preferred vendors by category. You can add contracts with expiration dates and notes about the relationship to help users in your company negotiate the right deals with full information.

Protecting your data

Candex is hosted in the cloud and built for security. All data in transit is encrypted and all stored data is protected by firewalls and access control.


Candex upgrades its cloud technology regularly to maintain the highest levels of security and user experience.

EU Safe Harbor

All data from outside the United States is stored within the EU or in EU Safe Harbor compliant data centers.

Data ownership

Candex doesn’t claim ownership of any data that passes through its network. See our privacy policy for details.