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Candex gives employers a fundamentally better way to manage their recruitment supply chain for permanent positions across the globe. The company is financially backed by the most powerful names from the recruitment industry and it is headquartered in the USA, with recruitment coverage in more than 100 countries worldwide.

We believe that the way companies engage with third party recruitment partners is inefficient in its current form. Passionate about recruiting, technology and our clients, we have a very simple philosophy: if we build an intertwined social system of people and technology that’s not only incredibly easy to use, but also delivers results that can’t be matched, employers will rely on us to deliver their external recruitment service. Our vision is for Candex to be the must-have technology in every company’s recruiting toolkit.

Candex clients cut recruitment spend, decrease time to hire, eliminate thousands of hours of paperwork, enjoy one vendor and one contract globally, and have access to a wider network of recruitment partners globally. A Candex deployment can be done quickly and easily; it requires no integration work and it produces immediate and meaningful reporting around spending, supplier performance, and time to hire.

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Candex is based in London and it is backed by the most powerful people from the recruitment industry.
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