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A Workspace for Deals

Deal activities are simple, secure and jointly controlled by two companies. They facilitate file sharing, communication, payment exchange and more.

Multi-Partner Engagement

Integrate many partners separately to the same activity. Perfect for recruitment, rfp’s, bids, distributions, resellers, and channel partners.

Relationship Management

A team based feed of all the deals and payments happening in your organization– it’s a searchable directory of who worked with whom on everything.

Internal Team Collaboration

Internal-only activities engage and align large internal teams around the same topics. The easiest way to share files and ideas.

Using Candex

Candex is very simple - you create activities and control who can access

them. For deals, the access is controlled by both companies.

A label on each deal is shared internally - it shows the people,

companies and payments while contents exchanged stay strictly confidential

Thank you for your interest in Candex. Someone will be in touch with you to schedule a demonstration.