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Transaction Fees
Much like a credit card, Candex retains a transaction fee on each payment.The fee can vary but is clearly visible on each engagement record.
No Usage Fees
Collaboration, messaging and file-sharing are free to use without service limits.
Unlimited users
Unlimited groups
Unlimited payment entities
Unlimited messaging
Unlimited file storage
Full administration over your company
Complete control over data from your users
Encrypted payment transfers & secure cloud architecture
Native iOS, Android, Windows and Mac apps
GDPR, FINRA, and HIPPA compliance
Can you explain in detail how payments work on Candex?
When a buyer and a seller are set up in our system, issuing and receiving payments is as easy as opening a chat with the other party. When both sides have agreed to the payment details, Candex invoices the Buyer on the Seller’s behalf and the Buyer pays Candex directly. The Seller issues an invoice to Candex minus the service charge and Candex pays the funds to the Seller.
How do the taxes work on payments?
Candex can facilitate payments tax efficiently in 50 countries. In all cases, Candex invoices the Buyer with all the taxes or VAT due in that jurisdiction. The seller invoices Candex with all taxes due in that jurisdiction.
Does Candex work with eProcurement tools?
Candex integrates seamlessly with the industry’s most popular eProcurement systems through a simple punchout methodology. Employees channel their tail spend through the Candex punchout, tied into existing approval workflows. Because Candex adapts to existing approval methodologies, codes and standards, everything is compliant and under control.
Can Candex support custom needs?
The short answer? Yes. Candex is highly configurable to suit the needs of large, complex organizations that operate in many regions of the world.
How much does Candex charge for a payment?
The transaction fee can vary by company, by category and by country. By default, it is taken from the Seller who is receiving the funds, and it is usually 3% of the overall payment but it can vary based on a number of factors including location and Buyer. The service charge due to Candex will be clearly labeled on every transaction when you begin the invoicing process and initiate a payment.
Does Candex offer cash back programs?
Candex offers cash back programs to high volume clients which are competitive with the rebate programs for purchasing cards. Talk to a sales rep for more detail.
Does Candex work with no "PO / no pay"?
Candex works best for "no PO/no pay" policies. Since the PO is always against Candex for the high volume or irregular spend, it remains nicely hidden in the background. Every single purchase carries a PO authorization and any spend would require approval to issue an invoice.
What is the legal arrangement for these payments?
Candex is the 3rd party beneficiary of the contract between the Buyer and the Seller. In some cases that contract is agreed to electronically on Candex, and in some cases, it is agreed to offline. In either case, both parties always agree to let Candex invoice on their behalf.
What if a payment is late?
The most common cause of late payments is vendors being set up incorrectly in the payment system, followed by missing, ‘fat fingered’ or miscategorized information on forms and invoices - Candex significantly reduces these most common causes of late payments. Because Buyers can configure their invoicing process on Candex, they are able to process the payments on time and without error.

Unless part of a financing program, Candex will never make a payment to a Seller before receiving the funds from the Buyer. Candex keeps all parties updated with invoicing correspondence, and we recommend Sellers reach out to their Buyers if there is delay in payment.
Does Candex reduce maverick spending?
Yes! Everything purchased on Candex has a PO authorization and is transparent and easy to track. Candex visibility drives down maverick spending with increased compliance to established processes and systems.
Candex is the most transparent, easy-to-follow procurement process I have ever encountered. Making payments has ceased to be a nuisance.
Fortune 500 Candex Customer
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